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We have developed a group of novel organic peat-based humate fertilizers. The main qualities of TURPS are:

Confirmation of the Estonian Agricultural Board: “This product is suitable for use in organic production in accordance with

the requirements of Commission Regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and 889/2008″.

Special features of


  • Increases root respiration and root formation, thereby provoking a stronger root system.
  • Facilitates absorption of nutrients and increase of cation exchange capacity.
  • Provides energy and nutrition source to beneficial organisms that influence plant health and soil fertility.
  • Enhances the aeration of soil and increase water retention of heavy and compact soils.
  • Decreases the losses of water and nutrients in lighter, sandy soils.
  • Minimizes erosion by creating stronger root systems.
  • increases the ability to achieve higher quality crop.
  • Enhances the performances of fertilizers.
  • Increases strike rates and root growth of seeds.
  • There is no waste in the production of TURPs, the best example of a circular economy.

Some of the


TURPS has the best efficiency when mixed with soil before sowing or setting out the plants. The typical use is:

  • Medium size plants (tomatoes, strawberries etc.) – mix ½ cup of TURPS with soil in planting hole
  • Bushes – use 1 cup of TURPS
  • Fruit trees – 1-3 liters per tree
  • When sowing seeds – mix ½-1 liter of TURPS with top layer of 1 m² of soil
  • When using TURPS it is important to mix it with soil throughout the root of the plant (ie. with rooting soil when planted and at least the entire topsoil when sowing.)
  • After planting, the plant must be watered two to three times more than usual for the first time, as TURPS binds up to 600 times the volume of water. Also, a few hours after planting, check that the soil is sufficiently moist.
  • A preparation for planting and sowing
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